Unidentified Canine Illness Sparks Nationwide Concern – No Cases Reported in Washington state

With recent reports of an unidentified canine illness increasing across the nation, the Washington State Veterinarian is encouraging dog owners to be vigilant to keep their animals safe and healthy. There have been no reports of this unknown illness in Washington state as of today, Washington State Veterinarian Dr. Amber Itle said.

“We have not received any official reports from veterinarians nor any laboratory confirmations of this respiratory infection,” Dr. Itle added. Dr. Itle encourages veterinarians to report high morbidity or mortality events in dogs – or other animals.

This is the time of year that dogs tend to get respiratory illnesses, so it’s important for pet owners to take extra precautions. Veterinarians advise in keeping your pets vaccinated and away from areas where dogs congregate. There may be additional vaccines that may be recommended by your veterinarian if you must have your dog in a congregate setting.

Veterinarians across the nation have been seeing unknown respiratory illnesses in canines and the animals do not respond to the treatments typically administered for a known diagnosis. However, experts have not seen cases of transmission of this illness to humans.

“The best way to protect your animals is to ensure they are up to date on their vaccinations,” Dr. Itle added. “By working together, we can stay ahead of any potential outbreaks and keep our furry companions healthy and happy.”

Please contact our clinic if you have questions or concerns/or if your pet has any of the symptoms listed:

persistant cough, lethargy, decreased appetite

Our clinic is carrying the canine influenza vaccine for anyone who would like an additional safeguard against respiratory illness.

**information taken from the Washington State Department of Agriculture, agr.wa.gov